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Image Masking: The Ultimate Technique to Improvise Image in a Creative Accent

The digital images captured by cameras are not ready to be utilised for commercial purposes! The captured images need to undergo processing to achieve the best quality fulfilling the requirements so that it could be used as per the objectives. It is indeed a work of creativity that involves several technical skills and tools for improvising the image and acquires the required output.

Image Masking Efficiently Manipulates the Raw Images

Image Masking is one of such technical process that is widely helpful in editing raw images and gets the output as per the requirement. Image Masking is a process in which some portions of an image is hidden and the other parts are revealed.

This process doesn’t affect the image quality or looks in anyways. This process is regarded as the most efficient and creative way of image manipulation.

Image Masking is a common practice that isolates certain features of the image. The Image Masking tool is feed with an image which in return produces a new image which is a copy of the feed image. Undergoing such process, the targeted object can be easily separated from its background that allows the image to standout. This image can be used over another background.

Types of Image Masking Used

There are three types of Image Masking which are generally opted by different businesses for varying reasons. Image Masking is the professional and technical substitution to collect the targeted object from the feed image without altering the quality.

  1. Layer Masking
  2. Clipping Masking
  3. Alpha Channel Masking

Involving creative and skilled responsibilities, Image Masking Services need to be outsourced to companies having wide years of experience.

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